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Elevate Your Property's Potential with Professional Onboarding Services in Hobart
Retreats Tasmania provide owners with comprehensive property onboarding services in Hobart from photography to listing creation.
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Getting a short stay or AirBNB property onboard can be overwhelming...

There's numerous details to manage and the pressure to make a great first impression - that's why Retreats Tasmania are here to help.

"I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people who need a property manager..."
Myra Schloemer, Strickland Avenue South Hobart
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Streamlined Listing Creation

We expertly craft your property's listing, highlighting its best features to attract the right audience quickly and effectively.

Professional Photography and Staging

Our team ensures your property stands out with professional photography and staging, making a lasting first impression.

Comprehensive Onboarding Support

From paperwork to property preparation, we provide end-to-end support, ensuring a smooth and stress-free onboarding process.

What are the benefits of property onboarding services?

If you’re a property or AirBNB owner in Hobart, hiring Retreats Tasmania for your onboarding service can offer benefits including:

Save Time - while property onboarding can be a time consuming process, hiring professionals to complete the tasks can free up time to focus on the important aspects of your business.

Increase Property Visibility - our experience at Retreats Tasmania means we can tailor and optimise properties to help increase the visibility of your listings and can lead to more bookings

Expertise - we have the experience to effectively manage your Hobart property or AirBNB property onboarding process, from listing your property to finding appropriate guests

Higher Quality Guests - a professional property onboarding service can help property owners find higher quality guests through better screening processors, reference checks and more. 

In short, Retreats Tasmania property onboarding service Hobart can save you time, create more professional listing and help reduce the stress often associated with having to manage and setup properties. 

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What does a property onboarding process usually involve?

Property onboarding provide property owners with a set of services that help them prepare their short stay and AirBNB properties for rental, attract high-quality guests, as well as insight into requirements such as permits. 

Our property onboarding services typically include: 

  • Listing setup and optimisation to major agencies
  • Content creation
  • Professional photography
  • Advice on Council permits
  • Understanding of the market and
  • Changes in prices and seasonal demands
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are next steps for signing with Retreats Tasmania?

If you're interested in getting started, you can make contact with us via our enquiry page on our website or by phone.

We will then arrange a time to meet with you and do a walk through the property.  Once that has been done and both sides are happy we have an Agreement to be signed which gives us authority to manage your property.  We do not have any lock in contracts. All we ask is that you give us a minimum of four weeks written notice if you wish to terminate your Agreement for any reason, and honour any bookings already in the system at the time, or the cost of their relocation, for the following three months.  We believe our service speaks for itself as we have had owners with us for a number of years who are not under contract to do so.  They stay because of the service we provide.

Can I add input to the house manual and rules?

Absolutely.  Retreats Tasmania has its own house rules that applies to properties we manage, which includes no parties, no smoking and no pets, but tailor our house manuals and rules to individual properties and additional information owners would like included.

Do I require a permit to operate short stay accommodation in Tasmania?

In most instances, yes, but it is dependent on how you have your property set up, whether it is your primary home etc.  You will need to speak to your local Council to see whether a permit is required to convert your property to short stay and Airbnb Accommodation.

The Retreats Tasmania property onboarding difference

One of the key benefits of hiring Retreats Tasmania to help with your property onboarding requirements is our on the ground knowledge and insight into the Hobart market - our team has the expertise and experience to manage the entire onboarding process effectively to save you time, costs and attract high quality guests.

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