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Maximise Your Investment And Discover The True Value Of Your Hobart Property
Our comprehensive property assessment and Airbnb services in Hobart provide property owners with a completely transparent assessment of your property's potential and our costs.
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Our property assessment Hobart services give an understanding of your property and its value.

Through our wealth of experience and understanding of the local market, we provide property owners in Southern Tasmania with an honest assessment, analysing your property and the wider market to give you invaluable insight.

"I've spent weeks and months offline, entrusting Retreats Tasmania entirely with my property without a second thought..."
Nick Jaffe, The Tin Lantern
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Comprehensive Market Analysis

Dive deep into the market with our detailed analysis to understand the real value of your property in today's market.

Tailored Information

Personalised information designed to enhance your property's value and align with your long-term investment goals.

Detailed Reporting

Get clear, concise, and comprehensive reports that break down complex data into actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Why is a professional property assessment in Hobart important?

If you own a short stay or AirBNB property in Hobart, an accurate understanding of the value, potential and condition of your property is important to maximising your return on investment - that's where a professional property assessment service comes in. 

A professional property assessment can help provide an accurate valuation of your property - helping you to determine its actual market value and opportunity as well as potential for growth.

Our comprehensive property assessment services can also assist to ensure that your property complies with relevant regulations and standards, such as Council permits. This information can help protect your investment.

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Our property assessment services in Hobart include:

  • a face to face meeting
  • a walk through the property and
  • honest assessment of what we believe is required

Request a property valuation with Retreats Tasmania today to learn more about how our property assessment services can benefit you and help you make honest assessment of what we believe is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are next steps for signing with Retreats Tasmania?

If you're interested in getting started, you can make contact with us via our enquiry page on our website or by phone.

We will then arrange a time to meet with you and do a walk through the property.  Once that has been done and both sides are happy we have an Agreement to be signed which gives us authority to manage your property.  We do not have any lock in contracts. All we ask is that you give us a minimum of four weeks written notice if you wish to terminate your Agreement for any reason, and honour any bookings already in the system at the time, or the cost of their relocation, for the following three months.  We believe our service speaks for itself as we have had owners with us for a number of years who are not under contract to do so.  They stay because of the service we provide.

What areas do you service?

At this stage we service Southern Tasmanian areas within a one-hour drive from the Hobart CBD. Stay tuned though as we are always open to adding new areas to our portfolio.

Why use Retreats Tasmania?

Retreats Tasmania is a locally, owned and operated, husband and wife business that employs local staff and have our own, in-house, cleaning team.  We take the stress out of managing your property and take care of everything from onboarding, photography, cleaning, linen hire, amenities, maintenance, and all guest liaisons. We pride ourselves on providing a premium service to our guests and the owners we represent.

Why choose Retreats Tasmania for a property assessment in Hobart?

Choose Retreats Tasmania for property assessment and unlock the full potential of your investment...

Our dedicated team of experts combines local market knowledge with a deep understanding of broader real estate trends to provide you with an accurate, comprehensive assessment of your property's value.

With Retreats Tasmania, you're not just getting an assessment but you're also gaining a partner in your property journey. We pride ourselves on our transparent communication, ensuring you understand every aspect of your property's valuation and how it fits into the current market landscape.

Choose us for a service that's as invested in your property's success as you are.

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